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How to Manage Your Time

Almost everyone in the world suffers from a very generic issue which is procrastination. I can relate because I actually procrastinated writing this. This issue may seem small and maybe not as significant as other issues, but it can truly ruin a day’s worth of work or more. As an Entrepreneur, time can either be a friend or an enemy, and it can very easily turn into an enemy. As one takes on new challenges, responsibilities, and routines, time management is the key to achieve balance and harmony in one’s life.

1. Get your priorities straight

You need to ask yourself this question: “Do I need this now, or can it wait?” When it comes to work, tasks can easily start piling up in no time. The key to managing these tasks is to ask when you need to do it. For instance, there is a difference between short term work and long term work. Short term work is like instant work, you do the task for the now. Long term work is distant work, where you do the task for the “later” future. Something that is considered short-term is the kind of thing that needs prioritizing, but that does not mean long-term work should be held off until the last minute. That could really ruin your process.

2. Lists, Lists, Listsssss

One of the things that help many people are lists. Once you get a new task, write it down, add it to the list, and eventually, it’ll be checked off. Lists help you visualize what needs to be done, and it helps you remember exactly what needs to be done.

3. Download a check-list/task app

Since we now live in a digital world, task lists can be accessed through a swipe on your phone. Apps like these can now notify you of what needs to be done, send you reminders of deadlines, etc. There are pros and cons to the abundance of apps usage in general, but let’s make sure you use it for some good.

4. Create a routine

In the day, there are 24 hours, but how many hours have you wasted on social media? How many hours have you left behind with absolutely no productivity? No need to tell me the answer, I already know it. There is nothing wrong with using social media for social networking and connectivity, but it becomes a problem when you use it when you’re bored. By using social media for purposes like “I got nothing else to do,” you are then creating this routine in your brain to automatically pick up your phone once you sense boredom creeping up on you. There are so many activities one can do when they aren’t scrolling through posts. You should schedule a designated time in the day to view social media. There should also be designated times scheduled for both work and leisure time. By doing this, you’ll maintain a well-rounded environment that helps your overall creativity and productivity.



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