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 Nour Ahmeddein

Marketing and Business

"ES were essential in giving us a presence on the AUC campus. The energy and passion of its members is infectious and they all have ambitions to change the world. They are organized and punctual, and acted as our eyes and ears on the AUC campus. It’s been a pleasure working with them!"


Dido Embaby 

Founder and Designer

"To have ES provide these interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs is inspiring in itself to someone who never even thought of starting their own business.  Supporting the entrepreneurial community by providing different means for startups to showcase their products/services, does not only helps these startups grow, but it also gives a push to those who are hesitant about taking a risk."

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Waleed Abdelrahman


“The first time I ever learnt what an entrepreneur means was back in 2003 when ES was first founded."


Dina ElMofty


"It's been so impressive to see so many amazing, young entrepreneurs coming out of ES, they have been great and ambitious calibers. They are always innovative thinkers, unlike traditional students we normally see."

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Abdelhameed Sharara

Founder and CEO

"The ecosystem in Egypt is full of impressive ES alumni...I’m a proud benefactor of ES."

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