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How to be a Trendsetter/Changemaker

In the world today, many injustices are occurring all around us whether it's humanitarian crises, environmental crises, societal crises, etc. As a global citizen, any of these infinite crises will anger you, drive you, and be the center of your existence. It could be absolutely anything no matter how minor or major it is, you will find your voice in something that matters to you.

1. Voice of the Masses/People

Trendsetters and changemakers have something not all people have which is a voice loud enough to shake and challenge issues. Be the voice people need. It helps to listen to what they have to say.

2. Keep up with World trends

In order to be a trendsetter, you must know the trends going on in the world even if they aren’t in the same country you’re working in. Since this is a fast-paced industry, it is recommended that you download a news app for daily world news and update yourself on global trends through social media platforms.

3. Network

Trendsetters are not always extroverted, they can be introverted too. As you start growing, keep your close circle of friends. In order to expand your network, get out there, and meet new people wherever you feel comfortable. Meet new people, make new friends, create new connections. When it comes to connections especially, I mean that you should try to create powerful connections with different types of people, from your favorite teachers, respected University professors, past bosses, and literally anyone outside your world of expertise. Who knows, you may need a strong network to back you up or help you in your entrepreneurial journeys.

4. Brand yourself

What is your value proposition? Like any startup, you will be asked this question. Another trendsetter in the market, but what's different about you? What do you bring to the table? Be what you stand for and believe in. Brand yourself through your values, purpose, and goals. Share your thoughts confidently and accept criticism.

5. Be consistent and Relatable

One of the ways trendsetters became trendsetters in the first place was by being consistent and relatable. What do I mean by this? Whatever platform you decide on using, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, or whatever, you need to establish some sort of welcoming vibe. Branding yourself is something, and having good content are two different things. As a trendsetter or changemaker, you need to be real with people. Be relatable to them. Be You. Do not create some sort of unreachable, unattainable character on screen that isn’t real to who you are. When you post, make sure that you set a schedule. For example, have a Q&A segment on Fridays, and maybe post videos or pictures on two specified days of the week. An extra mile to look professional and trendy, is to keep all your posts looking similar either through the same color scheme, overall aesthetic formatting, and so on.



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