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What is Entrepreneurship? And Who Is an Entrepreneur? (#1)

We and almost everyone around us are guilty of wanting to eventually open their own business. We always hear the term entrepreneur roaming around, but can we stop for a second and actually understand what it means and what it entails? It is easier for someone to say that they want to open their own business, but what about actions? As we all hear, actions speak louder than words so we need to dig deep into the roots of entrepreneurship, and see for ourselves what it takes to be one.

Entrepreneurship as defined by Investopedia involves an entrepreneur who creates a new business thus bearing all the risks and decisions but gets to enjoy the rewards accomplished as a result of the business activities. This entrepreneur should be creative and willing to take risks in order to bring new ideas into the business world. Entrepreneurship is extremely crucial and beneficial to the economy since it brings new ideas to life and thus filling a gap in society, and as a result, creates revenue. The market in any country around the world is dynamic and is continuously changing, thus new ideas are always welcomed and there should be research on a continuous basis of where the gaps are in order to fill them. Entrepreneurship hence mainly revolves around growth and filling in gaps found across different markets. This also aids the economy in terms of the aggregation of capital and labor in order to produce that particular good or offer a service. Entrepreneurship may seem tricky yet compelling as it mainly requires people who have innovative ideas and are willing to take risks.

Entrepreneurship is key to economic growth as it helps innovate different markets and bring creative and new ideas to life. It is always important to keep the entrepreneurial ecosystem alive and boosting as innovation is always needed to fill in gaps and steer demand in a certain direction. Entrepreneurship has no limits and should be evident across all markets as it fulfills the needs and wants of different customers. It is hence crucial to promote the significance of entrepreneurship and make sure that the right awareness is delivered among people of different ages and backgrounds.



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