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Traits of an Entrepreneur (#2)

Steve Jobs as we all know is the pioneer of the computer era as he is the founder of Apple and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time due to his innovative ideas that have revolutionized the telephone industry. As Steve Jobs once said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance”. Steve Jobs has summed up his experience as an entrepreneur for so many years into one keyword: perseverance. Jobs is an outstanding example of an entrepreneur who has created a new need in the market and introduced a new era of technology. The success of this story intrigued everyone into digging into how he has reached that level of inspiration and creativity that has led him to revolutionize a whole industry. This being said, it is thus important to understand and study the traits of a successful entrepreneur in order to work on them and be able to make use of different opportunities.

There are 10 common traits that entrepreneurs must have in order to be successfully competitive in the market:

  1. Vision: entrepreneurs must have a vision as to where they want their business to head to in terms of goals and objectives

  2. Passion: an entrepreneur must be passionate about the market they are working in since it requires creativity and innovation and they can’t be attained without that passion towards what someone’s doing

  3. Tenacity: also known as perseverance, where entrepreneurs continue trying no matter how many failures they face or come their way as they must be open to rejections anytime and continue learning from any mistakes that occur along the way.

  4. Work work work: continue to work as much as possible and give it your all no matter how much time, effort, and risks. An entrepreneur has to make, invest, and be patient for unprecedented results.

  5. Confidence: entrepreneurs must not only believe in their business and the idea that they are working towards, but also in themselves and their capabilities as individuals. They must always bounce back from any rejections and setbacks.

  6. Flexibility: entrepreneurs should always be willing to adapt to new changes that may take place and change the plan more than once if necessary in order to reach the well-defined goals set at the beginning.

  7. Can sell: it is important for an entrepreneur to be able to promote and sell their product as well as themselves to potential customers and investors.

  8. Good with money: entrepreneurs should be excellent at managing money as it is extremely important to keep track of cash flow for proper financial results.

  9. Willingness to ask for help: delegation is key as running a business is not just one man’s show. This is especially true since everyone has their proper limitations thus he/she should be able to recognize these limitations and seek help whenever necessary.

  10. Resilience: understanding that failure and setbacks are frequent and can always bounce back even stronger. Entrepreneurs need to use these setbacks as an opportunity to grow and learn from mistakes.

These ten traits are extremely important for an entrepreneur to have since the market is an extremely vast environment that requires those who are able to fight in order to reach and fulfill their goals and objectives. These traits are set in stone and describe an entrepreneur who is able to successfully lead a business to the end goal. The entrepreneurial journey however should be very unique and differ from one individual to the other. With these common traits, one should be able to bring their creative and innovative idea to life.



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