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Ethics and Guidelines of Entrepreneurship (#4)

It is as important to understand the ethical considerations of the entrepreneurial ecosystem as it is to actually become an entrepreneur. There are certain morals and values that every individual in the entrepreneurial ecosystem should follow in order to sustain themselves as well as their relationships with others. It is important to be aware of these guidelines from the start in order to prevent any unnecessary obstacles or challenges that may arise along the way. There are various elements that should be found in an ethical organization that should be put into consideration in every entrepreneur’s mindset in order to safely bring his/her idea to life.

There are six main ethical considerations that need to be put into consideration when an entrepreneur is working towards his/her goals to ensure the success of the business:

  1. Respect: respect should be embedded in the business from the start in terms of respecting oneself and others in the team as well. There should be mutual respect from all parties involved in order to have a successful team that moves forward

  2. Honor: an entrepreneur must do every single task or job in his/her business with honor as well as hire those who have that quality, as it is absolutely necessary to have this as the spirit of the business activities.

  3. Integrity: this relates to the basic forms of integrity in terms of cheating, lying and stealing (especially applicable to stealing ideas). It is extremely important to stand by one’s word and owning up to the consequences if things didn’t go as planned.

  4. Customer-focus: always provide quality to the customers as a business without customers would be nothing thus it is crucial to know what exactly the customer needs and be able to address that properly and in a timely manner.

  5. Results-oriented: always reach the goals or objectives that you have set from the beginning within the boundaries of manners and ethics. Ethics should be factored in every step of the way towards the end goals no matter how much it will cost. Entrepreneurs need to make sure that all ethics are being followed and all parties are treated equally moving forward towards the results.

  6. Risk-taker: although no entrepreneur can let down any of the above values, that doesn’t mean that they are not taking risks. Risks are extremely important with the guidelines and morals set on top of things.

These six ethical considerations should be understood and set by all entrepreneurs from the start in order to make sure that they continue to grow and survive in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. All entrepreneurs should never let down one of these considerations since it is crucial to follow these guidelines even if there are inconvenient external or internal factors. No one should compromise morals or ethics for anyone or anything because this reputation will last with your business forever, and a startup’s reputation is key to its prolonged success.



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