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Common Obstacles Faced by Entrepreneurs (#3)

The most essential part of being a successful entrepreneur is to be able to take risks and make decisions thus it is important to understand the common obstacles faced in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Reading and recognizing these types of obstacles that could be faced should motivate any entrepreneur to strive for the better since they should be working on facing them with a strong mindset to overcome. Even if obstacles come your way and you fail to overcome them, this does not entail your failure. Rather, you should harness more motivation to overcome any setback. Common obstacles faced by entrepreneurs are not failures, but rather normal encounters that they should deal with in a logical methodology in order to reach their goals, and continue to grow even if the set objectives are not fulfilled.

There are eight common obstacles or challenges that entrepreneurs usually face when they are strong-minded and are part of the competitive entrepreneurial environment. These eight common challenges are:

  1. Cash flow management: it is hard for entrepreneurs, especially during early stages, to manage their cash-ins and outs as they usually have so many bills that need to be paid and little money coming in. As a result, they need to make sure that they have a dependable source of income and always strive for proper budgeting along the way (either they do it themselves if they are capable or hire a professional)

  2. Hiring employees: hiring the right person for the job could be an extremely difficult task as entrepreneurs don’t want to waste their time on problems arising from the workers but rather find the skilled workers for the jobs to be filled which is why they need to make sure that they have the job description clear from the start and set the expectations to find the right people

  3. Time management: being an entrepreneur can get really challenging especially if they are starting alone as they have so much on their mind, and so many things that they need to get done. Therefore, it is highly advisable for entrepreneurs to monitor their tasks and arrange their schedules accordingly.

  4. Delegating tasks: even though an entrepreneur might prefer working alone as he/she knows the idea and business better than anyone else. However, they also must realize that they also have limitations and may need help from others, and must be able to effectively communicate and delegate tasks to employees.

  5. Choosing what to sell: even if the idea itself is outstanding, an entrepreneur must know what exactly he/she is selling and make sure that the audience they are targeting is in need of that.

  6. Marketing strategy: if an entrepreneur was able to successfully have a product but was unable to reach to the right audience then all the effort would be going to waste, thus he/she should make sure of how they will be marketing the product from the start so not to get stuck halfway through.

  7. Capital: always make sure that there are sufficient funds or capital to start with as to not get stuck with overwhelming debt that you are unable to pay.

  8. Self-doubt: this might be the biggest challenge of all. When entrepreneurs start doubting themselves or forget why they started, it defeats the whole purpose of their journey. Entrepreneurs must always have their goals written clearly as a reminder to continue to grow and push forwards no matter how many times they fail or how many obstacles they face

These eight obstacles are not the only challenges that entrepreneurs are faced with, but these are the most common ones faced by entrepreneurs in the field. It is important to realize that these obstacles are not dead-ends, but rather barriers that need to be ripped down and go beyond in order to reach one’s goals. An entrepreneur should therefore be really passionate about his/her idea from the start to prevent the loss of motivation, regardless of what happens along the way.



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