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A Leader Versus an Entrepreneur (#5)

Did you ever think about the difference between a leader and an entrepreneur? Do you think they overlap or are extremely different from one another? To be able to answer these questions, first, we must define what each term means and then compare and contrast between them. A leader is an individual who leads a group of people, organization or country. An entrepreneur, as we had agreed upon before, is an innovative and creative individual who sets up a startup aiming to bring his/her idea to life by taking risks and bearing the consequences. Having these definitions mentioned, it is obvious that these two terms are two sides of the same coin since they are very related to one another by definition, and to a great extent, they commonly overlap.

Every entrepreneur should be a leader since he/she is managing a team that should be led to certain goals. An entrepreneur should know his/her limitations and hire the right employees in order to be able to successfully delegate tasks and thus lead them towards the set goals. Leading a team may seem easy, however, it takes so much courage and diligence to do so. Even if an entrepreneur has an outstanding creative and innovative idea, if he/she lacks this leadership trait no results will be fulfilled. That being said, it is hence key for an entrepreneur to have outstanding leadership skills in order to control and guide his/her team towards success. For an entrepreneur, they need to realize the significance of that skill and work towards developing it since it will enable team development and more growth for the business in the long run.

What leadership skills are exactly required?

  • Strategic vision from the start

  • Communicate with the team with transparency

  • Spot and develop talents and skills

  • Know how as well as when to delegate

  • Lead by example (be a role model for your team that they can rely on and look up to)

  • Know your limitations and ask for advice

  • Always embed these leadership skills in your team to develop leaders as well

These leadership skills are key to the development and growth of the team that an entrepreneur is leading in order to fulfill the goals and objectives set to bring the idea that he/she has in mind to life. It is crucial to be able to lead and understand how being a leader is key to being a successful entrepreneur. It is also important to put these elements into consideration, and always start with yourself since you should be a role model and standard idol for the rest of your team. This will help motivate them to move forward and to develop any skills that they have or lack, thus benefiting all the dynamics within the startup.



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